Puppy Prep School is a 4 week drop off program that gives your puppy a well rounded social experience complete with positive exposure to a variety of novel stimulus.  In short, we help your puppy develop a blue print for how to deal with new things and situations with confidence!  Below our Puppy Prep School syllabus details what your puppy will be learning over the next 8 visits.

Puppy Prep School Daily Schedule

Drop off is between 7:30-8:30 AM and Pick up is between 11:30 AM-12:30 PM.      The puppies are in play group from the time they arrive with short breaks as needed for individual puppies.  During Puppy Prep School attendees are rotated between our fenced outdoor yard and indoor climate controlled play yard.  Each puppy is pulled aside twice per day for one-on-one training sessions to work on their Puppy Scavenger Hunt, basic obedience, & resource guarding prevention.  Between 9:30 and 10:30 the puppies settle into kennels for an hour long nap time.  The remaining time is spent in group play until pick up!

Puppy Prep School Syllabus

Day 1

Puppy looks into a mirror and sees her reflection during a puppy socialization visit at a dog friendly store in Olathe, KS
Daisy sees herself in the mirror at one of our favorite Dog Friendly stores, The Fab Fern in Olathe, KS!

Your puppy will be given the time and tasty treats they need to acclimate to this new space and learn where to go to the bathroom.  We incorporate them into group play as soon as they demonstrate an interest and willingness to engage, or allow them to observe from a safe space until they are ready to join in.

Day 2

Each visit will begin with acclimation and a process we call Engagement.  Your puppy will be encouraged to interact with the trainers through play and treats as we begin to introduce them to obedience concepts like sit, stay, and down, and mat targeting along with the wonders of the world.

Day 3

Now we’ll start to dive in deep with the life skills your puppy needs to know.  These skills can include loading into a car or sharing resources.  They’ll learn to tolerate people’s presence in a variety of circumstances.

Day 4

As your puppy is settles into a routine and gains confidence in this space we’ll start checking off the list on our Puppy Scavenger hunt such as seasonal items, different surface textures, and various novel items/situations.

Day 5

It’s important for puppies to learn to tolerate body handling!  We’ll make sure that your puppy is able to be brushed or have their toenails trimmed without struggle or stress.

Day 6

Along the way your puppy will be learning valuable life skills like mat targeting.  We’ll incorporate this concept into a variety of areas like the kitchen, front door, outside.

Daisy the golden retriever sees and sits in a rocking chair with a toddler girl outside a dog friendly store in Gardner, KS
One of the items on our Puppy Scavenger Hunt is a rocking chair. Daisy learned how fun they were!

Day 7

We’ll teach your puppy what they’re supposed to do when you’re sweeping or vacuuming or when kids ride by on bikes or scooters.

Day 8

On the final day we’ll evaluate puppy’s skills and where they still have room for improvement.  We’ll make recommendations about next step to take to ensure that your puppy maintains their new manners gong forward.  When possible we’ll take a nice picture to send home along with their completed puppy scavenger hunt form

Thanks for taking time to review our Prep School Syllabus.  Puppy Prep School is available as an ADD-ON Service to our Puppy Social Group Class or Private Puppy Primer Package.  If you haven’t yet, be sure to schedule your group class or private training appointments!