About the DogSchool

About The Dog SchoolThe DogSchool is an indoor climate controlled facility dedicated to the art of Positive Reinforcement Dog Training. We chose our hometown of Olathe, KS as our home due the city’s progressive animal control policies that continually promote the human-canine bond. The DogSchool is located off I-35 and 135th St. (Santa Fe) in Olathe, Johnson County, KS. At the DogSchool we strive to strengthen and provide a variety of pet-centric classes, workshops, and special events designed to make it easier to live closely with animals.

During the day, clients are able to drop off their pups for Day School and socialization and in the evening attend group classes that focus on topics ranging from reactivity to fun and games. Special events and workshops are hosted continually throughout the year. The DogSchool also features a 1000 sq ft padded agility practice space with full size obstacles and an Apprenticeship Program designed to empower the next generation of Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainers.

Canine Solutions is also pleased to share the DogSchool with The Pet Connection, a local non-profit that has found homes for and rehabilitated hundreds of dogs and cats with aggression, fear, and anxiety issues more than 7,000 animals  since 1999. The Pet Connection focuses on low income families who otherwise may not be able to keep their pets due to behavioral problems.