Preventing Predictable Puppy Problems

Puppies are predictable which means that managing your environment to channel expected behavior can make your job as puppy parent a whole lot easier.  Managing your puppy and your environment looks different in every house hold.

Because the variable of each home are different a variety of approaches are necessary to keep life during those short-lasting puppy months as stress free as possible.  Here are a few suggestions for keeping your puppy out of trouble:

  1. Confine Your Puppy.  This can be a crate in some situations or an exercise pen to corral your dog into a smaller area.  This constricted compels most puppies to hold their bladders or bowels longer and makes it less likely that your puppy will eliminate or destroy something out of sight.
  2. Leash Your Puppy. Yes, inside the house.  (And outside, for that matter!)  Leashing prevents your puppy from moving out of sight or becoming evasive.  It also creates consistent opportunities to practice loose-leash walking. Set boundaries, stop, and hold your ground when your puppy tries to pull you somewhere.
  3. Provide Appropriate Outlets for Energy.  Remember, puppy behavior is predictable.  Let your puppy unleash his energy on appropriate chew toys.  Feed your dog out of a puzzle toys like Kongs.  Puppies love to run and chase so let her chase YOU around the house or in the yard.  Provide ‘scratch pads’ for dogs who like to dig.  If you fail to provide suitable ways to burn energy the behavior will still present, only someplace you didn’t want.
  4. Avoid Practicing ‘Bad’ Behavior.   The whole point of managing your puppy is to prevent the practice of inappropriate behavior.  If he’s practicing, he’s getting better.  This holds true for any learned behavior, both wanted and unwanted.  Keep the puppy’s space tidy and stocked with puppy safe items.  If he doesn’t have access to your iPhone, homework, or bathroom trash he won’t have the opportunity to wreak havoc.

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