Researchers agree that the Human-Canine Bond is real and influenced by the emotional and physical interactions intrinsic to good health and the well-being of both people and their dogs.

man sleeps with dog
Photo courtesy of Brittani King.

All you need is love.

People desire to feel loved and also to express love.  In this manner the human-canine bond becomes the perfect fit for individuals who would otherwise go without access to meaningful relationships.  Dogs have fewer requirements than a romantic affair and give back in dividends the love they receive.  For people who benefit most from this bond, positive reinforcement dog training is a natural fit.

This efficient, low stress, high reward model allows people to create lasting relationships that emphasizes the emotional health of all participants.  For many people their dogs are like their children.  These lucky dogs are doted on and loved in every humanly way.  Whether the dog’s owner is a Millennial building their career or an empty-nester who’s human children have left the home, the dogs in these situations serve as a suitable substitutes for the connections required and pursued and often unavailable in human companions.

Stephanie Markey with Desi
Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Markey

A relationship based on mutual respect.

The choice to use positive reinforcement dog training illuminates the necessity in relationships for mutual respect.  Having a well behaved dog is like having a great dance partner.   Both participants move in tandem and each has a role and clear expectations.  Sometimes one will take the lead and sometimes the other.  There is no dragging or forced manipulation.  Each dancer must be a willing participant in order for the dance to flow with grace and look effortless.  It’s difficult to work well for those whom you fear or otherwise have little respect.

Clear communication is a hallmark of every successful relationship

Great owners assess their friend’s ‘Doggie Language‘ frequently.  They are aware of any triggers their dog may possess and of the subtle canine stress and arousal signals frequently displayed.  The educated owner has the advantage of pro-activity and the early intervention necessary to reduce stress and increase good behavior.

Dani Nuttal dog selfie
Photo Courtesy of Dani Nuttall

The human must also communicate effectively in order to facilitate the human-canine bond.  Best uptake and retention of new behavior is achieved when a dog’s stress level remains low.  This means breaking down complicated behaviors and rewarding small successes.  With positive reinforcement dog training owners learn how to mitigate stress during a training session.   Owners that reads their dog effectively, set up situations for success, and teach their dog appropriate behaviors are likely to receive the most benefits.

Only with consistency is anything is achieved.

Habits take time to form and they take time to break.  Owners who are dedicated to promoting the human-canine bond dedicate themselves to consistent daily self-improvement.  Positive thinking is like a muscle.  The more it is exercised the stronger it becomes.  Those who embrace a lifestyle of positive proactive thinking tend to have great outlooks on life and achieve the great success.  Positive reinforcement dog training emphasizes a focus on desirable behaviors, both in humans and canines.  Each small successful step opens the door further for all sorts of positive growth.  It is truly a life changing and miraculous moment.

Kate Guimbellot Jak with Violet in yard
Photo Courtesy of Kate Guimbellot.