Canine Solutions will be implementing appropriate protocols in regards to maintaining social distance while handing off your dog.

Protocol for Hand Off

There are a couple of different approaches we can utilize to maintain appropriate social distance while handing off your dog for care.

Our commitments:

  • Our trainer will call or text upon arrival to coordinate hand off.
  • Our trainers will provide their own leash for walks that will be sanitized with a viral-cidal cleaner after each use.
  • The trainers will carry hand sanitizer on them at all time and clean their hands immediately upon exiting their vehicle and before handling your dog.
  • We recommend harnessing your dog yourself so that the trainer need not handle your equipment or dog more than absolutely necessary.
  • Consultations will be conducted virtually to limit potential contact.

Techniques for Transferring Care of Your Dog

Once the trainer arrives at your home:

  1. Hand off at the door:
    • Hold or Tuck your leash to your door handle and allow your dog to exit the door, closing the door between you.
    • The trainer will attach their leash and detach yours
    • Upon completion of the training session the trainer will return and reattach your leash, then call/text you to hand off.
    • The trainer will wait with your dog until you reclaim possession
  2. Transfer in the yard:
    • If you have a secured yard the trainer can enter your yard and wait for you to you let your dog out.
    • By your preference the trainer may remain in your yard
    • Upon completion the trainer will text or call and remain in your yard until you have resumed control of your dog.

Additional Recommendations:

Canine Solutions Trainers will operate with best sanitation practices while handling your dog.  We will eliminate any gratuitous contact between the trainer and your property and dog.  Never-the-less we still recommend washing or disinfecting your training hardward after our trainer visits.