Walk & Train

Mental Enrichment and physical exercise conducted by experienced trainers and no need for you to leave your home!

The Walk & Train program is a ‘light’ version of our In Home Day Training for dogs who simply need more exercise and mental enrichment without the need for intensive behavior modification.  All training programs are overseen by our Certified Professional Dog Trainers.

How Walk & Train Works

Our Certified Professional Dog Trainer and an Apprentice will meet with you and your dog once for a 60 minute introductory session that can be conducted in home or virtually.  Then you will create a schedule with the Apprenctice Trainer who will conduct 30 minute Walk (or Play) & Train Sessions depending on your preference and availability.

You neither need to leave your home nor interact physically with our trainers.  All trainers are instructed in and expected to maintain strict personal hygiene standards.  If you have concerns potential contact while handing off your dog a suitable arrangement will be agreed upon during your introductory session and utilized during future walks.

Available Packages

All Packages are 4 weeks in length.  New Clients Choose between 2 or 3 Visits per week

Sample Training Sessions

An average 30 minute session may include off leash play and training in your fenced yard or an off property leashed walk through your neighborhood.

Common training skills that can be developed during a training session may include Loose Leash Walking, recall, basic obedience like sit and down, retrieval skills, polite greetings, and more.

Is this Right for my Dog?

Dogs that are appropriate for Walk and Train are generally social or otherwise non reactive to other dogs or people while leashed.  The dog should be comfortable being handled by strangers and have no bite history.

If your dog is highly anxious, a flight risk, or has a bite history In Home Day Training or 1-on-1 Training likely a better option.