Walk & Train

The Walk & Train program is perfect for dogs who simply need more exercise and mental enrichment throughout the week.  Effective and efficient dog training requires a handler who knows how to adjust expectations quickly to account for distractions in the environment.  If you’d rather focus on the things that you’re good at and not have to worry about mastering a whole new skill set quickly then Walk & Train may be the answer for you!

Available as an add-on to an Initial Consultation, Group Class, or Private Training Package.

How Walk & Train Works…

All Walk & Train packages are an add-on service to an Initial Consultation, Group Class, or Private Training Package.  You neither need to leave your home nor be physically present, though of course we welcome clients attendance and engagement.

Our Trainer will visit your home twice weekly for 4 weeks.  These appointments are available between 9 AM – 4 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please give us 48 hours notice.  Day of cancellations or no shows result in forfeited credits.

Add an additional dog for only $209! 

Sample Training Sessions

Walk and train, french bull dog looks eagerly up at camera anticipating a treat during his positive reinforcement dog training session
Walk and Trains are a great way to get your puppy or dog off the couch!

An average 30 minute session may include off leash play and training in your fenced yard or an off property leashed walk through your neighborhood.

Common training skills that can be developed during a training session may include Loose Leash Walking, recall, basic obedience like sit and down, retrieval skills, polite greetings, and more.

Is Walk & Train Right for my Dog?

Dogs that are appropriate for Walk and Train are generally social or otherwise non reactive to other dogs or people while leashed.  The dog should be comfortable being handled by strangers and have no bite history.

If your dog is highly anxious, a flight risk, or has a bite history Private Training is superior.