Specialty Classes

Specialty classes are offered on a limited basis and the roster is fixed for the entirety of the course.  Clients with Modular group class credits may apply these to Specialty classes but may need to purchase an additional credit package in order to cover enrollment for all classes in the package.

Group Class Fee Structure

Each class must be scheduled individually.  New Client Packages includes a credit to attend Dog Training 101 for owners only.  Some classes have prerequisites in order to attend.

New Client Starter Packages

6 (+1) Credits = $249

12 (+1) Credits = $439

Returning Clients Packages:

6 Credits = $219

12 Credits = $409

Dog Training 101*

*All training Packages include a credit for Dog Training 101

Set your new family member up for success!

In this helpful class you’ll learn how to reduce stress and separation anxiety, read your dog’s communication signals, and set your dog and home up for success.

Present adoption paperwork within the last six months and $10 of your class fee will be donated to your dog’s rescue!

Harried Hounds: Reactive Dog Class

NOW ENROLLING for Thursday 2/18/21

Prerequisite private lessons to be completed prior to enrollment.

You’ll teach your dog a more appropriate response to triggers like other dogs, bicycles, or small animals and develop the ability to understand and communicate with your dog.  Weekly reading and games are assigned to be completed at home.

Child Out, Fido!

 NOW ENROLLING for Monday 2/15/21

For dogs that have a hard time calming down.

This class is geared primarily toward adolescent dogs that, while prone to over excited behaviors such as jumping, vocalizing, pawing, pulling on leash, and others, are otherwise non aggressive toward humans and dogs.

Cooperative Care

Now Enrolling for 2/20/21!

Cooperative care allows animals to voluntarily consent and calmly tolerate husbandry and handling. For dogs of all ages, particularly puppies. Participating dogs must be able to work calmly around unfamiliar people and dogs in proximity.

Nosework/Scent Detection

The brain is the highest energy consuming organ in the body.  The nose is the highest energy utilizing sense.  By teaching your dog to identify odor sources you will provide effective and efficient mental enrichment and stimulation.

Great for a rainy day or when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands!  You and your dog will love it!

Would you like a Canine Solutions staff member to help you determine which class is the best fit for you?

Email us as info@olatheksdogtraining.com to learn more!