Specialty Classes

Provide mental enrichment for your fur baby while polishing his or her training skills – all while enjoying bonding time together!


Group Class Fee Structure

Purchase a package of credits and attend at your convenience.  Each class must be scheduled individually.  New Client Packages includes a credit to attend Dog Training 101 for owners only.

New Client Starter Packages

Returning Clients may purchase additional packs of class credits:

Dog Training 101*

*All training Packages include a credit for Dog Training 101

Setting your new family member up for success: resources for you and your dog!

Bringing home a new family member can be stressful for all involved.  In this helpful class you’ll learn:

  • How to pick the right fit for your family and lifestyle.
  • How to introduce new adoptees to current resident pets
  • Fundamentals of potty and kennel training a dog of any age
  • How to reduce stress and separation anxiety
  • Basics of canine communication
  • How to set your dog and home up for success…and more!
  • Present adoption paperwork within the last six months and $10 of your class fee will be donated to your dog’s rescue!

Harried Hounds

Reactive Dog Group Class

This semi-private, six-week class is based on Leslie McDevitt’s book Control Unleashed: from Reactive to Relaxed and will be taught by a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

Who should attend?

Does your dog growl, bark, lunge, or otherwise overreact to triggers outside the home? If so, this class may be right for you! (Note: if your dog reacts to people and/or has a bite history with people or dogs, please inquire about private lessons.)

What will you learn?

You’ll learn how to teach your dog a more appropriate response to reactivity triggers like other dogs, bicycles, or small animals. You’ll also develop a stronger ability to understand, communicate with, and empower your dog so he can make better behavioral choices. Students will receive a copy of the book and will be asked to read portions of the text each week along with playing assigned games at home.

What’s the class format?

This class is designed for those who have already had at least three private lessons with one of our certified instructors as the course builds on the foundation skills taught in one-on-one sessions. Visual barriers will be used to keep all dogs below their reactivity threshold in class, and all participants will be required to follow our safety protocols.

Nosework/Scent Detection

Your dog will build confidence and burn energy doing what they do best!

The brain is the highest energy consuming organ in the body.  The nose is the highest energy utilizing sense.  By teaching your dog to identify odor sources you will provide effective and efficient mental enrichment and stimulation.

Great for a rainy day or when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands!  You and your dog will love it!

Harried Hounds

Harried hounds is a group class that provides reactive dogs an opportunity to refine their social skills. All teams must complete an Initial Consultation and at least two follow-up sessions. Class meets on  (2020 schedule TBD).

Owners must also attend the prerequisite Harried Hounds Owners Only Orientation (without their dog), once prior to attending the group class.