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Board Games with Dogs!

Friday 06/08/18 @ 6:00 – 8:00 PM

FREE Admission
Enjoy an evening out with the pooch and others who enjoy their dog as much as you do! Board Games with Dogs features 3 interactive board games where you AND your dog compete against others. Put your skills to the test!

Best for older children as dogs will be unrestrained. BYOB!

*The Canine Solutions DogSchool is a force-free dog training facility, committed to specializing in behavior modification through positive reinforcement and education. Choke chains, Prong collars, E-collars, and similar equipment are not permitted on this premises. For questions about equipment or introducing your dog to a training harness, halter, or other, please contact Canine Solutions at 913-712-8742 or today.

Low Stress Dog Handling for Pet Professionals & Volunteers

This is a 4-part educational seminar series that addresses common scenarios encountered in the pet services industry; and improves overall outcomes and experiences through safe and effective handling techniques and methods. Designed for Veterinary staff, Care attendants, Rescue personnel, Volunteers, and more…Registration is Open to the Public! Each seminar is approximately 2 hours in duration and FREE. Attend as many as you’d like!

Seminars are held Quarterly on the following Tuesdays from 6:00 – 8:00 PM

    • 01/30/18: A Guide to Reducing Risk & Building Trust
    • 05/01/18: Recognizing and Preventing Resource Guarding
    • 07/31/18:Managing & Reducing On-Leash Reactivity
    • 10/30/18: Decreasing Incidents of Separation Anxiety


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