One on One Dog Training Lessons

One on One private dog training lessons are perfect for those on a budget, have plenty of time, or just like the challenge of learning new things!  Our Certified Professional Dog Trainers will work with you to teach you the skills necessary to train your dog.  We will work with you in your home, out and about, or at the DogSchool in Olathe, KS to address  common behavior problems or basic obedience.

Don’t want to do all the work yourself? Choose In Home Day Training or DaySchool instead!

One on One Training for Puppies 20 Weeks and Under

Get your puppy started on the right paw! Learn how to raise a safe, happy, and confident dog while preventing common puppy problem behaviors.  Sessions are available at the DogSchool in Olathe, KS, as well as in your own home!

Puppy packages include an owner’s only seminar called Dog Training 101 at the DogSchool.   Attending Dog Training 101 will ensure that you have the foundation information you need to implement a successful training protocol.

One on One Training for Dogs over 20 Weeks of Age

The Initial Consultation

All private training clients begin with an initial consultation conducted either at the DogSchool or in the comfort of your own home.  The Initial Consultation is a 90 minute appointment during which the motivations for your dog’s behavior and how to set your dog up for success will be discussed.  Management strategies will be determined based on the severity of your dog’s behavior and a training exercise or two will get you started on your training journey.

Schedule Your 90 Minute Initial Consultation: 

Follow up Sessions

Follow up One on One lessons are 60 minutes in length.  For minor behavioral challenges or basic obedience 4 follow up sessions are generally sufficient.  Major behavior modification often takes a minimum of 8 sessions.  Single sessions are also available.

Single Sessions

4 Session Package

8 Session Package