Essential Oils for Animals/Urban Mushing Class

Presented by Jean Wise, RN

EOs for Animals and Urban Mushing–registration

1.5 hours on Essential Oil Applications
30 minutes for Urban Mushing.
This class is designed to introduce safe application of essential oils in homes with pets and kennels. Animal-owners and guardians will learn natural methods to enhance well-being in their animals. This class is perfect both for individuals new to essentials oils and those who have already integrated oils into their lives.
Support animals with aging or performance challenges and enhance training capability. Great for owners of family dogs, sports competitors, rescue personnel, and more!
After the oils, Jean will share practical Mushing application for the urban forager.  Urban Mushing is gaining popularity around the country as a way to burn energy and improve the bond between dogs and their owners.  She will share simple ways to get a novice started on their urban mushing journey.

Jean Wise

Jean Wise

Sled-dog co-kennel owner and manager of Adkins Alaskans Huskies

Jean Wise is an RN with a 20+ year career with the majority of those years working in critical care.

She is enjoying a break from nursing to pursue a passion for training and racing sled dogs.  She started working with sled dogs in the 1990s with a conglomeration of dogs that were not working or appropriate in other programs, rescued, or from kennels that were dismantling to formulate a team and kennel.

She has since partnered with a long-time distance (Iditarod) musher/veterinarian and his kennel of Alaskan huskies.  Within the past 10 years, she has raced in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Washington, and Idaho.

Her teams of huskies have accomplished numerous top-5 finishes and she has received a number of ‘Best Cared-For-Team’ awards.

Jean is a proponent of a total well-being for animals and uses essential oils on her dogs for improved kennel maintenance, training, and holistic support.  In addition, she has seen tremendous results when using essential oils to compliment what her partner/veterinarian is providing for their dogs.

She is currently completing her certification for essential oil application on animals.  She is excited to couple this passion with the nutritional research by her partner, Terry Adkins, DVM, and their training experiences to improve the well-being of their dogs.
She advocates minimizing stress including physical and emotional obstacles to maximize optimum health and performance.  She is coming your way soon!
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