Day School and Day Care Services

For social puppies and dogs who deserve the best development-based play and learn environment!


Fulfillment and Social Development for Puppies and Adult Dogs

The DogSchool offers a unique day care option, designed to reinforce desirable social manners, maintain common basic obedience behaviors, and build confidence and happiness!  At the DogSchool, your puppy or social adult dog will participate in small play and learn groups (6-12 compatible dogs per group), under direct interaction with our experienced, force-free training staff.  Dogs are well-stimulated throughout the day and go home feeling accomplished!

The DogSchool offers over 5000 sqft of indoor, climate-controlled training spaces, including a larger main training area which is divided by modular barriers, a cushioned agility room with fun and challenging obstacles, resting cots, quiet nap areas for portable kennels (also available and provided on site), and an outdoor play yard for weather-appropriate days!  Bring your dog’s morning and/or evening meals and we’ll feed them strategically throughout the day to reinforce great behaviors.  Is your dog on daily medications?  We’ll help keep them on schedule as well, at no extra charge.  The DogSchool features a full kitchen so that no routine task or diet is too cumbersome for maintaining a healthy, happy dog!


Become a DayCare+ Member today and let the DogSchool deliver the best care and development available to your puppy!  DayCare+ Memberships also include:

  • 20% (or greater) discount on all additional training and care services (i.e. group classes, DaySchool, Boarding+, and more…)
  • Open access to the Agility Room during Member-Use hours
  • Free social events

Daycare for dogs

  • DayCare+ play and learn groups operate Monday through Friday, between 7:30 to 11:30 AM, and 12:30 to 4:30 PM.  Early drop-off and Late pick-up are included at no additional charge!


  • Early Drop-Off begins at 6:30 AM; and Pick-Up is available until 5:30 PM, or later by appointment (The DogSchool offers group classes on multiple weekday evenings and will gladly care for your dog during those hours as well).


  • “Half Days” are generally considered participation in either AM or PM play and learn group time blocks.  “Full Days” include participation in both AM and PM play and learn group time blocks.


  • Outdoor potty breaks are offered every 30 minutes to puppies who are potty training, in between play groups; and hourly to all others.  Potty breaks are short 1-on-1 walks, where your dog also practices loose-lease walking, patiently waiting at doors/gates, and hand-offs/greetings with other handlers!

DaySchool Packages

At The DogSchool, we boast of mastery in learned behaviors through operant conditioning, with a dedication to force-free, positive reinforcement training!  DaySchool is the best training option for building consistency and forming desirable obedience habits; and it includes participation in DayCare(+), as well as breakaway one-on-one training rotations, multiple times per day, with our Certified Professional Dog Trainer.  DaySchool is a popular option for all ages, and can be used to train a range of behaviors that are often difficult for owners to teach on their own due to time constraints or capacity to remain consistent.  DaySchool is an affordable Board & Train option, without the overnight boarding expense!  Whether you have a new puppy that needs potty training, an adult dog that pulls on leash, or you’d really like your dog to come when called, even when distractions are abound…we have you covered, and more!

  • DaySchool sessions occur daily (Monday through Friday), typically between:
  • 8:30 – 9:30 AM, 10:00 – 11:00 AM, 1:00 – 2:00 PM, and 2:30 – 3:30 PM
  • “Half-days” include two AM or two PM 1-on-1 training sessions
  • “Full-days” include all four sessions.

Teacher’s Pet Packages: For New Clients

The Teacher’s Pet DaySchool Packages are the most comprehensive dog training solutions available in the metro area!  DaySchool offers 1-on-1 training for your dog with our certified professional dog trainers, while you are at work or out-of-town.  Is this the best option for your puppy?  Register for a FREE DaySchool Evaluation today!

Teacher’s Pet Packages include:

  • 1-on-1 Training Sessions during your dog’s visit (choose Half- or Full-days)
  • 4 Weeks of DaySchool credits (choose 3, 4, or 5 visits per week)
  • Participation in DayCare+ (see above) while in our care
  • 90 total minutes of Private Lessons with our Certified Professional Dog Trainer (recommended as 30-minute sessions held at the beginning, middle, and end of the 4-week training schedule)
  • 4 Group Class credits, which may be used for any of our basic obedience or specialty group classes; or additional 60 minutes of Private Lessons
  • Discounted rates for overnight Boarding+ and exclusive promotional offers!

Teacher’s Pet Packages will provide you and your dog the best opportunity to build a strong bond, confidence in your ability to handle your dog in social settings, and consistency in desirable manners and obedience behaviors.  Achieve a long-lasting relationship with your dog built upon trust through force-free training and understanding your dog’s motives and communication signals!

For forming consistent obedience behaviors and desirable habits in dogs!

DaySchool & DayCare+ Add-Ons: For Existing or Returning Clients

DaySchool may be purchased at a daily rate for current DayCare+ Members; or as 4-Week Packages for returning training clients.  The 4-week DaySchool packages include 60 minutes of Private Lessons with our Certified Professional Dog Trainers (typically scheduled near the beginning and end of the 4-week program).  DaySchool clients are eligible for discounted Boarding+ rates as well!