Overnight Boarding and Board & Train

For Pups who prefer In-Home hospitality!


Boarding+ is an In-Home boarding service, available exclusively to Canine Solutions training clients.  When your dog stays with us overnight, they will board in our personal residence (The DogHouse), where your dog is welcomed as part of the family!  During the daytime, social dogs will participate in DayCare+ (Monday through Friday), at the DogSchool, where they will brush up on basic obedience training behaviors in our play and learn groups!  Daily transportation between the DogHouse and DogSchool (a 2-mile distance) is included.  On Saturdays, your dog will have hourly potty opportunities and afternoon socialization.  On Sundays, they will stay in-home with the family, where they will practice desirable indoor house manners.  This service is available for dogs that have previously completed or are currently enrolled in a training program, including Board And Train (detailed below).

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Current Nightly Rates:

  • $67 – Standard
  • 20% Discount applicable for DayCare+ Member and current DaySchool participants

Also refer to Boarding FAQ’s

Board And Train

A training solution, ideal for busy households who want to take advantage of a scheduled vacation, and for out-of-town families who are not able to easily attend the DogSchool’s DaySchool on weekdays.  Social dogs enrolled in a Board And Train program will participate in DayCare+ and DaySchool throughout the daytime (Monday through Friday), and Boarding+ overnight in our personal residence.  Board And Train is always customized to best fit your boarding needs and is billed as follows:

  • Minimum 1-Hour Training Consultation Required at Each Pick-Up (can be administered as 30-minute sessions, if planning multiple pick-ups) = $100 per hour
  • Nightly Boarding+ Rate = $67
  • DaySchool Training Add-On = $38 per Full Day (M-F); $23 per Half-Day (M-F)
  • Discounted Package Rates available for longer stays

Consider the following, minimum recommended training, when designing your custom Board And Train program:

10+ full days of training (available Mondays through Fridays)

  • Builds good training foundations for basic obedience behaviors
  • Introduces your dog to visual hand signals for basic training purposes

20+ full days of training (Mondays through Fridays)

  • Improves reliability in behaviors, against various distractions
  • Introduces your dog to verbal cues for basic obedience behaviors
  • Receives a 5% discount off the Total program cost
  • Receives a 10% discount on additional group training class offerings

30+ full days of training (Mondays through Fridays)

  • Begins to form desirable obedience habits
  • Improves reliability of verbal cues, against various distractions
  • Receives a 10% discount off the Total program cost
  • Receives a 25% discount on additional group training class offerings

Instructional Video Package

Training takes commitment and consistency. Ongoing coaching is necessary to keep your dog performing at the top of their game. Now your dog can be the star of their own personalized instructional videos to serve as a reference and reminder for future training.

  • $475 (10-20 Day Training) Add-on:
    6-8 personalized instructional videos.
  • $625 (20-30+ Day Training) Add-on:
    9-12 personalized instructional videos.
  • Watch the full capacity of positive reinforcement demonstrated by your own pet!
  • See your dog performing various obedience and behavior modification techniques.
  • Videos are professionally edited with captions so you have the best examples for easy recreation at home!