Overnight Board & Train

For Pups who prefer In-Home hospitality!

Custom Board and Train

Board and Train is the perfect opportunity for eligible dogs to brush up on their basic obedience while you travel!

Over night your dog stays with us in our personal residence (The DogHouse) where your dog is welcomed as part of the family.

Monday through Friday all boarding dogs participate in DaySchool at the DogSchool.  Social dogs also participate in play group rotations throughout the day.  Daily transportation between the DogHouse and DogSchool (a 2-mile distance) is provided.

On Saturdays and Sundays, your dog will have regular potty and play opportunities so that house manners and training is maintained.

Please review our Board and Train FAQ’s before making your initial deposit.

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Current A la Carte Rates:

  • $69 – Nightly Boarding
  • $38 – Full Day DaySchool (Required M-F for non members.)
  • $100 – 1 hour Transfer session (optional for stays under 7 days)
  • $35 – Dog Training 101 (Humans Only Orientation Class)
  • For stays 10 days or longer review our package rates.

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Standard Board and Train Packages

A training solution ideal for families or individuals who are not able to easily drop off or pick up their dog daily for DaySchool or who travel during the week.  Social dogs enrolled in a Board And Train program will participate in Play groups in addition to training throughout the daytime (Monday through Friday), and board overnight in our personal residence.  A la Carte items can be added.

Board And Train packages include the following:

  • Boarding Monday-Thursday Night
  • Full Day of DaySchool Training
  • Play Groups for social dogs
  • 30-minute Transfer Session at each Friday at Pick up
  • Dog Training 101 (Humans Only Orientation Class)

10 Day Package – $999

  • Builds good training foundations for basic obedience behaviors
  • Introduces your dog to visual hand signals for basic training purposes

20 Day Package – $1949

  • Improves reliability in behaviors, against various distractions
  • Introduces your dog to verbal cues for basic obedience behaviors

30 Day Package – $2899

  • Establishes reliable obedience habits
  • Training Concepts are proofed against various distractions
  • Minor leash reactivity or stranger danger can be addressed