Board and Train FAQ

Wondering if the Canine Solutions Board and Train Program is right for you?  Here are some questions that people ask routinely.  If you don’t see the answer to your question please call 913.712.8742.

  1. How does the Standard Board and Train Package work?  Purchase and complete your Initial Consultation first.  This ensures that your dog and training goals are a good fit for the board and train program.  After the initial consultation is completed reserve your dates by paying your 50% board and train deposit.
  2. Can I customize a Board and Train package? Yes, a daily board and train rate is available as an add-on to other training packages.
  3. Do I have to pay upfront?  A 50% deposit is required to reserve your dates and the remainder is due at or before drop-off.
  4. Can I get a refund if I cancel my training? Once you’ve placed a deposit we hold those dates and may have to turn away other interested clients due to space capacity.  For that reason cancellations with less than 7 days notice (before training has commenced) are only eligible for a 50% refund.  Full refunds are available if services are cancelled more than 7 days in advance.  Once training has commenced no refunds will be offered but a credit will be placed on your account to use toward retail or other training service purchases.
  5. What is my dog going to learn during their stay?  Our standard Board and Train objectives include Soft Mouth, Wait, Four Feet on the Floor, Come (Recall) & Leash Up, Basic Obedience, Loose Leash Walking/Heel, Leave It, Give & Take, Nail Trim & Body Handling Desensitization, Greeting Strangers, and potty training.  Additional objectives may be identified on a case by case basis.
  6. I’m not traveling, can you still train my dog for me? Of course!  Depending on your schedule, location, and training needs Canine Solutions offers a variety of services that allow us to do much of the work for you while you focus on your area of expertise.
  7. Is a Board and Train right for me and my dog?  Board and Train is best for social dogs who can participate in group play, tolerate the close proximity of small children, and be kenneled without unreasonable stress.  Because anxiety can by disruptive to the learning process an Initial Consultation prior to boarding is required.  Dogs with a history of excessive stress or anxiety will be considered on a case by case basis.
  8. Are dog training services guaranteed? Changing your dog’s behavior can be impacted by a number of things including health of the dog, stress level of the dog, commitment of the owner, etc.  For these reasons, it is not possible to guarantee the outcome of any training package.  What we WILL guarantee is that we will put the work in to identify the needs of your dog and make every attempt possible to ameliorate any impediments to your training goals. We also guarantee that your dog will be treated like a member of our family and trained with respect, compassion, and the least aversive, minimally invasive training techniques. We take every effort to maintain a low stress environment as dictated by the philosophy of Positive Reinforcement Dog Training.  If your dog is not progressing according to expectation you will be notified at once.  During your consultations you will have the opportunity to address any questions and adjust training goals.  After your dog’s stay you will have access to continuing support and education associated with the original training.
  9. What does my dog need for his stay?  All you need to bring for your dog’s stay is enough food and any medications to last the full week or length of time in our care.  A high quality food is an absolute must.  Low quality foods are correlated with poor behavior and performance.  Crating, bedding, toys, treats, and any other sundries necessary are provided.  We recommend Nature’s Select Premium Dog Food.
  10. Where will my dog stay?  Our home is a single family ranch home with a detached garage in Spring Hill KS.  Dogs are housed in wire or plastic kennels appropriate to their breed and size in our attached sunroom and have easy access to a 5′ wrought iron fenced yard.  Special accommodations may be made on a case by case basis.  Social dogs receive routine play time with other guests.
  11. How many dogs stay at one time?  Beside our resident dog Serendipittie, we can accommodate only the number of dogs we can safely transport between our Home and the DogSchool.  During peak boarding season and depending on size this is generally between 4-7 dogs.