Training for Dogs 5 Months and Older

It was cute when they were little but now that your fur ball is the size of a small horse things are getting out of control.  Full sized canines come with full sized problems and even small dogs can have BIG attitudes.  Be it aggression, anxiety, basic obedience, or fun and games, if you’re tired of saying no so often your dog thinks it’s his name, Canine Solution is here to help you and your pooch live your best lives!  


Schedule your Initial Consultation and then add a Follow-Up Service after you’ve met with your dog trainer.


In Home $219

If leaving your house with your dog qualifies as an Olympic Event or if you simply prefer the comfort of your own home schedule an Initial Consultation.  If your dog is anxious or territorial about strangers in their home a consultation at the DogSchool (or virtual) is also an option.

Attend Dog Training 101 (included) to get the most out of your training package!

Canine Solutions is our preferred dog trainer in the KC area.  They are knowledgeable, kind, attentive, and easy to work with.  Choose Canine Solutions.  You won’t regret it!

-Kimberly and Athena

Add-On Training Packages for Dogs Over 5 Months

During your Initial Consultation or Group Classes your trainers may recommend one of these supplemental or follow up packages listed below.

Basic Obedience Package = $579

You’re a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ kind of person but you recognize the limits of your own knowledge and benefits of having a coach.  For those with the time and the willingness to master a new skill set we’ll train you to train your dog!  This package is perfect for instilling the foundation for great in obedience in your dog.  The trainer will typically meet with you and your dog every 1-2 weeks for the duration of your package.  Follow-up packages may also be conducted at the DogSchool! 

Packages must be completed within 3 months from the date of purchase.


Behavior Modification Package – $1139

We all come with baggage and dogs are no different.  New habits take time to form and old habits that often have years of practice have to be broken.  It’s going to take time but if you’re committed to giving your dog the best chance at a happy, stress free life we will guide you every step of the way.  

The Behavior Modification Package includes (8) 1-Hour Private Follow-Up sessions conducted at your home or the location of your choosing within 30 minutes of the DogSchool.  Our trainer will generally meet with you and your dog every 1-2 weeks for the first 4 appointments and typically every 2-4 weeks during the remainder of your sessions.

Packages must be completed within 6 months from the date of purchase.

In Home Walk and Train = $469

4 week Package: 30 Minute, Twice weekly In Home Visits

You already had a full work load and now your dog requires even MORE of your attention.  We’ll come to your home and ease the burden, fast tracking you dog’s new skills to proficiency.  This dog training package is often the next step in behavior modification or basic obedience training or a great way to give your dog consistent mental enrichment.

Our Junior Trainers work on basic obedience and manners in and around your home.  If the weather is nice we’ll get out and explore the neighborhood and work on skills like loose leash walking and desensitization.  If not, we’ll work around your home on house manners and give you ideas to keep your doggie occupied when they can’t burn energy outdoors.   Available as an add-on to a Group Class Package or Initial Consultation.

Board and Train Package – 15 Days = $1999

Available as an add-on to a Group Class Package or Initial Consultation.  

“Can you just do it for me?” is a common question when people reach out for help.  When you’re traveling for work or vacations Board and Train Packages are perfect for instilling the basics of obedience, potty training, and other training foundations.  Your dog will stay in the comfort of our family home in Spring Hill, KS and travel to the DogSchool in Olathe during the daytime Monday through Friday.  Dogs must be able to kennel and generally tolerant of other dogs and children. Package structure includes daily, weekday care and training.  Weekend boarding available as an add-on to packages.  Custom length, Single day board and train, and 30 day packages are available, as well.


Replacing stress and struggle in your for peace and calm through Positive Reinforcement Dog Training since 2009.


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