If your home is in a constant state of stress and worry because of your dog’s aggression toward neighbors or destructiveness it’s time to bring peace and calm back to your life.

Our Certified Professional Dog Trainers have seen the worst and using the science of Positive Reinforcement have helped many dogs in the KC metro become calmer and more confident and less worried about the scary world around them.

We work with you in your home, out and about around Olathe, KS and surrounding cities, or Online, to address common behavior problems associated with fear, anxiety, and aggression.


First purchase your Initial Consultation.  This includes your 1.5 hour Goal Setting Appointment AND access to our virtual  Dog Training 101 course.   We recommend completing DT 101 prior to your Initial Consultation.

At the Initial Consultation your trainer will help you identify

  • your training goals,

  • management strategies,

  • which tools will help you accomplish your goal

  • canine body language,

  • and realistic expectations about what you can expect to accomplish through dog training.

You’ll receive an introductory exercise or homework to begin.  For minor anxiety such as pulling on leash or jumping on guests, and basic obedience most clients then purchase the 4 session Follow Up Package.  Dog with moderate to extreme aggression or anxiety typically require 8 or more follow up sessions.  Your trainer may also recommend additional services that they feel will get you to your goal.


Aggression and Anxiety are serious issues that impact quality of life for you and your dog.  In order to adequately address your dog’s behavior you will have to change your old habits and see things from new perspectives.  Your dog requires your commitment to change your behavior before they can change theirs.  We’re glad to help coach you through this transition!

We are unable to offer refunds on incomplete packages. 

Once you have begun your training package if you are unable to complete your training credits by their expiration date we will gladly postpone your remaining credits 1 time for up to six months OR credit your remaining balance toward a different service or to use toward retail purchases.





New habits take a minimum of 30-90 days to form.  Old habits can resurface when management gets lax.  We understand that life gets hectic and sometimes something has to give.  We encourage you to book all your appointments at the time of purchase to ensure that you block out the time necessary to see the results you want.

If you know that you and your dog would benefit from coaching but are feeling the pull of life’s other obligations, ask your trainer about our supplemental training packages.  Our programs, such as In Home Walk & Train or Board & Train allow us to remove some of the burden from your shoulders and fast track you and your dog to success!


If you guarantee that you’ll prioritize training, show up to your sessions, follow your trainer’s recommendations, and put the time in between coaching sessions then we guarantee that you will see improvement in your dog’s behavior.  Most simply you’ll be able to improve your day to management and handling skills and knowledge of how to set your dog up for success.  How much improvement you see in your dog greatly depends on a variety of factors and some dogs may improve more than others.  


Appointments rescheduled with 24-48 hours notice will incur a $25 rescheduling fee.  Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are forfeited.



Follow up One-on-One lessons are 60 minutes in length.

For minor behavioral challenges or basic obedience 4 follow up sessions are generally sufficient. Major behavior modification often takes a minimum of 8 sessions. Single sessions are also available.

Single Sessions
  • Virtual – $119
  • In-Home (w/Travel) – $159
4 Session Package

Virtual / DogSchool– $459
In-Home (w/Travel) – $579

8 Session Package

Virtual / DogSchool – $899
In-Home (w/Travel) – $1139

Court Ordered Training

This package includes:

  • Initial Consultation, 90 mins
  • (1) Private Follow Up Session, 60 mins
  • Pricing includes Virtual or DogSchool sessions. In-Home is available w/additional Travel Fee ($40) per session.
Basic Obedience Package

This package includes:

  • Initial Consultation, 90 mins
  • (4) Private Follow Up Sessions, 60 mins each
  • Price includes Virtual or DogSchool sessions. In-Home is available w/additional Travel Fee ($40) per session.
Behavior Modification Package

Perfect for long term behavior modification or for the training enthusiast!
This package includes:

  •  Initial Consultation, 90 mins
  • (8) Follow Up Sessions, 60 mins each
  • Pricing includes Virtual or DogSchool sessions. In-Home is available w/additional Travel Fee ($40) per session.