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“As we recently adopted this dog, we have bonded together and grown to work together as a team. We have put in a lot of work thus far, and have more to do also, but will incorporate the techniques learned.”
– Nicole and Zander

“We had a very positive experience with the training. We both felt that Emily was very knowledgeable. The methods and tools for training our dog have really been effective, and we’ll continue to use them.”
– Adam, Erin, and Ty

“I appreciated her patience, suggestions, explanations, and showing me how to accomplish each of the training steps.”
–Lisa and KC

“It was helpful training. The management strategies paid off immediately.”
–Zack and Dizzi

“Emily was great and I would be happy to recommend her anytime! I had no worries about allowing her in my home and she not only helped our dog but our entire family. Thanks Emily!”
–Melissa and Bingo


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