Day School and Boarding 


Send your dog or puppy to our training and boarding school and let us do the work for you!

Dog School and Boarding is great for new puppies who need to learn the basics, for dogs that can’t be left home along and for vacationing families who just want their dog to brush up while boarding.  

During the day dogs stay at the DogSchool in Olathe,KS where they learn and socialize with other appropriate trainees.  In the evening boarders are transported via the DogVan to our home nearby in downtown Olathe, KS.


Day School Packages

At the DogSchool your dog will have the opportunity to burn off energy, socialize, and learn good behavior all at the same time.  Standard packages are 4 weeks in length; choose between Half Days or Full Days.  Adult DaySchool attendees receive potty breaks every hour (puppies get potty breaks every 20-30 minutes).  All attendees receive one 15 minute private training session and one 15 minute group training session per half day.  Attendees are paired with appropriate playmates to maximize social opportunities and energy burn and naps are allotted as needed.

DaySchool attendees may participate in group classes with 50% discount.  Custom packages are available!

  • Drop off is available between 7-8 am or 12-1 pm
  • Pick up is available between 11 am-12 pm and 4-5 pm
  • Includes (1) 30 minute Owner Follow-Up Consultation per week
  • In-Home Boarding may be available by request and ranges between $40-50 per night.

Just the Basics 

  • Full Day – $900 – Up to 8 hours of DaySchool, 3 times per week Register Today!
  • Half Day – $540 – Up to 4 hours of DaySchool, 3 times per week Register Today!

Enhanced Learner

  • Full Day – $1,120 – up to 8 Hours of Day School, 4 times per week Register Today!
  • Half Day – $640 – up to 4 hours of DaySchool, 4 times per week Register Today!

Star Pupil

  • Full Day – $1,300 – up to 8 Hours of Day School, 5 times per week Register Today!
  • Half Day – $700 – up to 4 hours of DaySchool, 5 times per week Register Today!

Board and Train 

Daily rate for stays under 1-14 days is $115.

During your dog’s board and train they will stay attend DaySchool at the DogSchool during the day and reside during the evening in the comfort of our family home in downtown Olathe.  Dogs may be picked up each weekend or stay straight through.  Due to our personalized approach, Board and Train opportunities are limited.   A 1 hour Owner Follow-Up Consultation is included for each week of the board and train so that you learn how to carry on great obedience. Great for family vacations and busy families!   

Dogs under 5 months receive regular social visits. Individualized packages and weekends are available.

Additional Questions?  Please visit our Board and Train FAQ’s!

Common Positive Reinforcement Training Includes:

  • Potty training
  • Basic obedience
  • Assistance skills
  • Retrieve
  • Minor Behavior Modification
  • And more!

15 Day Package – $1650

Daily Rate for stays between 15-29 days is $110

    • Perfect for a basic foundation in potty training or basic obedience.
    • Dogs learn visual hand signals.


30 Day Package – $3150

Daily rate for stays 30-44 days is $105.  Stays 45 days and beyond are $100 per day

    • 1 hour consultation allotted for each pickup.
    • This package builds upon the foundation established during the 1st 10 days.
    • Dogs are introduced to verbal cues.
    • Reliability is improved against various distraction.


Instructional Video Package

  • $475- 15 Day Add-on 6-8 personalized instructional videos
  • $625- 30 Day Add-on 9-12 personalized instructional videos.

Training takes commitment and consistency.  Ongoing coaching is necessary to keep your dog performing at the top of their game.  Now your dog can be the star of their own personalized instructional videos to serve as a reference and reminder for future training.

  • Watch the full capacity of positive reinforcement demonstrated by your own pet!
  • See your dog performing various obedience and behavior modification techniques.
  • Videos are professionally edited with captions so you have the best examples for easy recreation at home!