Managing Your Puppy Well

Managing Your Puppy Preventing Predictable Puppy Problems Puppies are predictable which means that managing your environment to channel […]

Mastering Holiday Stress

‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!’ -said no person or pet who has ever suffered from […]

November Events

Shop and Save (the Animals) with Adopt Don’t Shop! adoptdontshopkc.com Get your Adopt Don’t Shop gear at www.adoptdontshopkc.com […]

Dog Owner’s Tool Kit

A Dog Owner’s Tool Kit A new dog can be a major source of stress for an unprepared owner. […]

How to be a Mind Reader!

When someone says, “I’m NOT a mind reader,” they are cryptically saying that the information they had to operate on […]

Jean Wise will share ways to integrate Urban Mushing into your life.

Essential Oils for Animals and Urban Mushing

Essential Oils for Animals/Urban Mushing Class Presented by Jean Wise, RN PREREGISTRATION REQUIRED: $25 Cash or Check EOs […]