Now Offering Group Classes for Puppies 8-20 weeks.  Try your first training class for free when you enter the promo code ‘socialpup’!

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Redeem Your Initial Consultation Training Voucher Here!

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Canine Solutions is your source for simple, effective, stress-free dog training.  Whether you’re looking to start your puppy off on the right paw or curb nuisance or aggressive behaviors you are at the right place.  BOOK TODAY to begin strengthening the bond between you and your dog!

Currently serving Johnson County residents.
Cities in our service area include:

-Overland Park
-Shawnee Mission
-Spring Hill
-For rates beyond the Johnson County area please call 913.302.6790

Why Positive Reinforcement Dog training?

Every day more and more owners are choosing positive reinforcement to train their dogs for one reason: it works! Owners feel good knowing that the skills they impart to their animals are taught with understanding and respect and based on the science of operant and classical conditioning. Dogs love it because they have incentive to obey and the confidence that obedience will result in a pleasurable outcome. Positive reinforcement builds confidence, is simple and easy to communicate, requires no force, and creates a lasting bond between and owner and dog.



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